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Women’s Auxiliary/KSS

This adult organization of Orthodox women over 18 serves and supports the many ministries of St George and surrounding Orthodox communities. They support service in the kitchen, Sunday Luncheons, special events, charitable activities, and special church needs.

The mission of the Women’s Auxiliary is to demonstrate God’s love for all people and to practice the inspiring message of the parable of the Good Samaritan. It is to heed the word of Our Lord, “For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required”. (Luke 12:48)

The organization was formally founded in 1953. Their Slava is The Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos on September 21st.

2024 Women’s Auxiliary/KSS Board
Jadranka Bozinovska,

Vice Presidents
1st Vice-President: Lydia Rhoads; 2nd Vice-President: Ana Randjelovic
Acting Treasurer: Marija Milasinovic
Maja Topalovic
Sunshine Committee
Tina Marin
Protinica Bozana Draskovic,, (760) 930-4313

St. George Choir

“I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live; I will sing praises to my God while I have my being.” (Psalm 103:33-34)

Music is an integral part of Orthodox Church worship. The role of St. George’s Choir is to lead the congregation in praise and thanksgiving to God. This collective group of angelic voices sings their songs during all Sunday Liturgies, Feast days and special events in the church. They are led faithfully by the Choir Directors below:

Kate Thickstun, Pam Naughton and Dobrila Undheim

The President of the Church Choir: Vacant 

Adult Orthodox Fellowship

This Orthodox adult group, ages 25-59, sets aside time to serve the community of St. George in the spirit of unpaid service.

They anchor their lives in deep personal commitment to Orthodox spirituality and help provide opportunities for Orthodox fellowship by way of Socials and Bar-B-Q’s at the church. Additionally, they provide building maintenance and meals for special occasions. In the future, more ministries will be added to this group as growth continues.

Morava Folklore Ensemble

Left to right standing: Lazar Ruzicic (guest instructor), Vaso Vasich, Nikolina Lazic, Sava Ninkovic (instructor), Kristina Zivkovic, Stefan Zivkovic, Aleksandra Smiljic, Kristina Miljkovic, Stefan Trifunovic, Alexi Porobic, Sam Pantovic, Dane Undheim, Nikola Zivkovic, Cristina Dukovich. Left to right sitting: Nikolija Jojic, Natasha Undheim, Joanna Aud, Alyssa Vukcevich. Not pictured: Uri Papukchiev, Marko Plavsic, Denitsa Srandev, Alex Savovic.

First Ensemble Director: Natasha Undheim, 760-271-6649

First Ensemble Instructor: Nikola Ilic

Second Ensemble Director: Melanie Milicevic, 310-266-4683

Second Ensemble Instructor: Marija Milasinovic, 760-300-9542

Third Ensemble Director: Bojana Rajkovic, 760-716-9053

Third Ensemble Instructor: Nikola Ilic and Luka Krsic


Morava Folklore Ensemble’s mission as ambassadors of Serbian and Balkan Folklore is to perpetuate and preserve Serbian song and dance traditions in North America. 

About Morava Folklore Ensemble

Morava Folklore Ensemble was established in 1987 as a dance collective of Serbian and Balkan folklore. As ambassadors of our culture and heritage, one of our main goals is to increase public awareness of our art by presenting high quality dance and vocal performances.

Morava has performed worldwide to audiences in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Switzerland and a variety of countries in the Balkans. Between 1991 and 1999 Morava Folklore’s choreographer was Dennis Boxell, a master teacher and researcher of Balkan dance and song. Under the director of Bozana Draskovic, founder and original director, Morava blossomed as a Serbian dance group. In 2005 Morava traveled to Serbia under the direction of Svetlana Cvetkovic. In 2008 the group celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Under the direction and instruction of Marija Milasinovic, Morava continued to travel and brought back old choreographies to new audiences. Current Director, Dobrila Undheim, continues the forward movement of travel and expanded involvement in the local community. Under her direction, Morava’s Female Vocal Ensemble has gained in popularity. Dobrila’s vision is to bring the beauty of Serbian folklore to non-Serb audiences and to expand relationships with other like-minded dance groups. Sava Ninkovic stepped into the role of Instructor in 2011. Guest instructor in 2013 and 2014 has been Lazar Ruzicic, on loan to Morava from Talija Artisitic Company in Belgrade, Serbia. Sinisa Ristic has been teaching Morava since 2014. Before coming to the United States, he danced with the Abrasevic Ensemble in Belgrade, Serbia.

In addition to performing at church functions, festivals, cultural celebrations, and holidays, Morava also performs at Opolo Vineyards every year in Paso Robles, California for their annual Grape Harvest Festival in October. Morava hosts an annual summer “Folkfest” where Serbian national and international dance groups are invited to come and perform in a professional setting. Morava has hosted groups from Serbia (2004), London (2007), Switzerland (2010), Canada (2011), and France (2013). Morava actively works to foster new connections in our local and international community.

Morava’s Practices:

First Ensemble (Seniors):       Thursdays 7:30pm – 9pm

Second Ensemble (Juniors): Fridays 6:30pm

Third Ensemble (PeeWees):  Sundays 12:15pm

For a Member Application, please email: Marija Milasinovic,

Senior Citizens Group

This dedicated and active group of Seniors, ages 60 and up, serves the church regularly through their many efforts.

They volunteer in the church office, help with all special events, and donate their time whenever called upon. In the future, social gatherings and events will be in the works.

Master Planning Committee

This committee was founded to create a sound means and methods approach to the future for the St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in San Diego.

The committee shall keep, at its’ center, the Church mission throughout its’ service. All facets are to be considered; financial, maintenance, improvement, By-laws, Mission, education, and outreach. They hope to provide a formal plan for the church for 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and 30 years to ensure the viability and improvement of St. George based on Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition.

The Chairman, Kate Thickstun,

Fund Raising Committee

This group, formed in 2007, was organized and authorized by the St. George Board/Parish Council and stewards to explore all possible fundraising means for the church renovation.

Their goal is to work closely with the Master Planning Committee (MPC) to ensure the successful completion of the remodel/ restoration of the church grounds.

For more information, please contact Fr. Bratso at 619-276-5827 or

St. George Serbian Orthodox Church
3025 Denver Street
San Diego, CA 92117
St. George Serbian Orthodox Church
3025 Denver Street, San Diego, CA 92117